Sunday, 6 November 2011

Can the Leopard change its spots?

YES. Is the obvious answer to this question. Despite the smattering of leopard print along the catwalks, Dalmatian spots have taken the fashion world by storm- just check out if you need proof!

So as usual, I committed another financial faux pas and emptied my bank account all for the sake of a few new rags... So worth it!
We all know the excitement you feel when you come home from work to find the biggest package EVER just sitting on the table waiting for you. Still, knowing this didn't take away from the huge bubble of happiness that popped up when I saw the fruits of my online shopping endeavours!
Going to Leeds last weekend was the perfect excuse for displaying my new outfit, (the shopping up there is awesome, jam packed with thrift stores, high street and even Harvey Nicks!)

Checked blazer- Flo's place
Chelsea boots and Dalmatian jumper - Topshop
Velvet shorts and bag - urban outfitters
Mummy's lipstick - slyly stolen!

Velvet shorts are my new wardrobe essential, great value and they go with everything!

Most recent obsession: the Chelsea boots; sufficiently heeled, matt black leather and studded (at the back)

My new Dalmatian jumper is fashionable ... And warm! Two things that rarely go hand in hand! Had to keep the peter pan collar visible (vintage styles always somehow manage to creep their way into my outfits!)
I had to buy it after seeing Topshop Unique's cruella devil-Esque fall collection!

Leather skirt to die for! Love the 1930s midi hemlines and the luxurious silks; the height of sophistication.

New booties that are on the must have list for this season; looks like my wardrobe is going to mélange of monochrome!

Claira xo


  1. I love the dalmatian prints!


  2. thank you Erika! me too, so addicted this season :) loving the shoes in your new blog post x

  3. gorgeous outfit, especially the jacket!
    now a follower of your lovely blog :)

    share the love?

  4. thank you! ah one of my bargain guys :) of course, your blog looks great! xo

  5. you look beautiful and your shoes are so stunning x

  6. you look amazing! love your outfit and your blog.
    pls look also at mine and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  7. thanks Carmen! of course, I will follow :)x