Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What Chloe did Next...

‘Chloe Jade Green is back, with her finger firmly on the fashion pulse.’ When this appeared in my inbox, I have to say I felt a bit sceptical. This sense of dubiousness stemmed from the last collection by CJG. I was left particularly uninspired by the overly chain mailed stilettos and tackily high heels in the first round of the highly anticipated Jade soled heels.
However, Topshop are 100% correct this time. As daughter of the Topshop owner, her brief appearance on Made in Chelsea and frequent FROW-er at Fashion weeks, it goes without saying that Chloe Jade Green knows how to dress. But in her new collection, Chloe shows she can both dress and design to perfection, leaving me more than pleasantly surprised! CJG has upped her game through the injection of variety into her new collection, incorporating punchy ballet flats and rock chick biker boots alongside the original sky scrapers. This insightful twist keeps the collection on trend and versatile, moving away from being stuck in the unrealistic ‘I spend every day in 6 inch heels’ that one can only associate either with Chelsea girls or Essex wannabes.

Stud Lightning Platform Sandals 

Lace Wing Ankle Boots

Black Moon Ankle Boots

Delicate lace and elegant stilettos have replaced the garish, clumpy styles from before to create a wearable (not to mention covetable) yet extremely edgy new aesthetic. It seems CJG has found her oh so fashionable niche...and is there to stay! I can definitely see the Stud Lightning Platform Sandals gracing my NYE’s ensemble (Planning early I know....but one must make a statement!). Giving my penchant for Chelsea Boots, the Black Moon Ankle Boots provide the perfect way to ring the changes - it's a no brainer. And one must not forget the Lace Wing Ankle Boots...you have probably gathered by now that I’m a fairly indecisive person.
Whilst the signature jade sole appeared at first a slightly less classy version of Monsieur Louboutin’s rouged (not to mention patented) idea, Chloe has driven her own brand forward with the charm detail printed onto the sole. Clearly CJG moves in leaps and bounds, epitomized by this ‘stamp of individuality!’

Charming to perfection - Lily Wing Courts 

Who can I cross off my Christmas present list in order to get my hands on a pair of these?! As usual, the fashion world has successfully (and ruthlessly) managed to ruin my carefully budgeted financial plan...but then it is as Carrie says ‘I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.’ 
God knows how I'm going to survive as a student.

Claira xo


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