Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Perfect Sunday

It's Mother's Day and for once, the sun has cohered to seasonal expectancies and put in a welcome appearance.

Running around at uni has made me appreciate my down time with Mum, so we spent the day just relaxing in one spot in Cambridge. No need to move, think or even make conversation, except to share the occasional quote from our respective publications in which we are both engrossed. 

This feels luxurious, the sort of mañana-mañana vibe you only really experience when holidaying in Spain or Southern France. The Euro vibe is probably due to the fact that we are in an buzzing little Scicilian delicatessen called 'Aromi.' Having been open a mere 11 months, the queue is out the door constantly and with good reason. Pizza, focaccia, coffee, ricotta filled cannoli and Italian pasticceria cover the black slate counter and the staff hurl rapid-fire Italian at one another. It's hard to choose just one item from the tantalising array on offer. One generous waiter places a complimentary biscuit filled with an almond centre on our table- kind of an Italian take on a macaroon. Add in the 1960 Italian music we could be in an espresso shop in rural Italy. (Minus the quintessentially Cambridge bikes that fly past the window from time to time). 

I chose a chocolate and ricotta cake and double shot latte- just a simple milk+espresso combo in a refreshingly regular cup; no glass, no latte art and no 6oz coffees that cost £2.90! Makes a nice change to be away from the East-London eatery aesthetic. Pair this delightful foodie treat with my birthday present from my best friend- latest copy of Vogue, I am without a doubt in my element. Added bonus- an incredibly insightful and slightly disarming four page double spread on Nigella Lawson by Fiona Golfar in this issue's Vogue. The article explores the fact that 'Everyone has an opinion. And everyone wants to share it' and the effect this has had on one woman. I would highly recommend a read, her background and personality balances her recent Court appearances, for me, in a unexpected way. 

Vogue aside, it's worth taking a Sunday out to enjoy the art of doing nothing...especially if it involves a visit to Aromi! 

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Sandy!

Claire x

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