Sunday, 30 October 2016

Piano Man

A little Sunday night free poetry; the image Chet Baker's 'Almost Blue' conjured up in my mind was too vivid to resist putting pen to paper. 

To be read whilst listening to the song. 

Piano Man

Illuminated black and white, the piano man sits
Delicately folded, yearning fingers poised
Over precious ivory and ebony.

Your monochrome form, whose soft touch 
Draws forth an elusive sound.
Caressing the keys, the wombing of notes that ebb and flow,
In waves of sound; endless undulations. 

You, who tease out a timbre that throbs, pulsates, elevates
A balmy blues that slides, vibrates, resonates - 
Such inescapable elation!

Illustrative of my wishful escapism to smoky jazz club...

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  1. WOW, this is such an awesome post, Thank you so much 4 sharing this with us and i sincerely appreciate it. Loved this it was so beautiful!!!