Friday, 16 September 2011

Barcelona: Gaudi's Girl

Vamos a Barcelona! Didn't quite realise how much of a problem it would be, even with my pathetic attempt at pigeon Spanish, to travel the relatively 'simple' half hour journey from Sitges to Barcelona! Finally arriving in Barca, (I'm pretty sure we stood out as tourists for miles with our insanely tiny shorts; I needed to get bronzing- what do people expect?!) we were offered guided tours around ‘el Palau de musica catalana’ and following the keen enthusiasm of mum (who also doubled up as the tour guide for the day) we sauntered off to the Palau.

At this point, I was wearing my new wedges that really can't be classed as heels because of the huuuuge platform (I will be explaining these transfiguring contraptions shortly along with sneaky pics snapped by my paparazzi worthy sister Kirsty) - I have never In my life felt the need to rip off some gorgeous shoes just for practicality reasons- I'm a strong believer in the fashion ethos 'beauty is pain' but the noise their wooden soles produced definitely exceeded the socially acceptable decibel level They were soo noisy it was embarrassing and I wasn't so keen on the large amount of beeps and shouts occurring on the carreras (Catalan for streets) as I strutted past!! (Although 95% of those may have been caused by Kirsty's giraffe legs in her tiny little shorts! She's also a tanaholic. Even so, my determination to retain a slight sense of fashion; at least as much as humanly possible in the blazing 30 degree heat, prevailed.

‘el Palau de musica catalane’ = 2 words- DIOS MIO. (Translation: OH .GOD!) This may sound cheesy but for once it most certainly applies- words cannot describe the music palace, a glorious collaboration of glass, stone and iron, it became a temple for composers like Bach, Wagner and Beethoven. Even Kirsty (the most uncultural person in the world) was stunned by the intricate and precise attention to detail! Unfortunately, due to the private copyrights of the Palau I couldn't take any photos of the inside to show you guys . Sozza! If in Barcelona, hit the music palace fo'sho! It even has a permanent drop of sun shine hanging from the ceiling! (An inverted mosaic of fiery glass that creates a sun: [google 'el sol Palau de musica catalana].)

Another faux pas achieved by Kirsty and I: added to Barcelona's list of stalkers whilst meandering along the labyrinthine Grazia district, we tried to take some 'arty' photos that captured the true Barcelona- epic fail! Check 'em out!!:

- the younger guy blatantly knew what we were up to as well; awkwarrrddd!

The Barcelonian Shoe seduction: they were on sale in the Office stand in Topshop so I just had to have them! They are awesome for me as they actually make my legs look a relatively normal length! 

Shorts, denim bralet, studded belt  and doorknocker earrings from Topshop, lace top and brown satchel from Urban Outfitters, wedges from Office and clock necklace - Vintage shop in Brighton!

Just chilling on Gaudi's rooftop terrace- standard!

Las ramblas, Barri gothic, tapas and sangria meant Mum didn't drag us home until 4am!!

LOCO mumma! (one crazy mo'fo)

Adios chicas/ chicos

Claire xoxo

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