Monday, 12 September 2011

Orient Express

 For weeks now I have been satiating my summer boredom with promises of writing a blog but as per usual, my bed has been playing the devil (yes, I have been lying in until midday - that's what holidays are for!) so I have been putting off my blog premier ;)

Finally I thought I better begin blogging so off to a bang with a trip to Barcelona (Spain)- ( more to follow) 

I never realised how good travelling is for working- usually I spend car/ plane/ train/ bus journeys in acute boredom. Today I discovered that my concentration levels actually increase and my first blog piece began to form- the journey 'locked me in the infinite prison of direct thought' as Ian McEwan superfluously writes (I'm having to read his work as part of my English literature A level); - in other words: I was in the zone. 

I believe that it is counted as general knowledge among modern day Brits that if Easyjet say 'take off today is at 1.45, the likelihood is that you won't be airborne until at least 2.30! During this period I drafted, edited and re-wrote this piece.

 I think that airport chic is one of the most important fashion rules and so my outfit was planned to satisfy at least two continents.

This outfit was a good shout I must admit; the top was thick enough to keep out the English chill but my trusty Levi cut- offs were just right for letting my legs breathe once we landed in Spain! 

I picked up the Chinese top from my (as I'm sure you already know if you fan me on lookbook!) favourite vintage shop, but I'm not gona lie, it took me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to wear it!! We all feel that slight pang of anxiety the first time we wear a new, slightly controversial piece of clothing and the big question with this fiery beauty was: is it too oriental??

Me in Grazia Magazine! I was so surprised yet proud :) Got papped in Oxford Street!

Taking the plunge, I wore what I wanted, screw the haters! 
These photos aren't actually from the airport as I'm sure you clever brains can tell, but I was wearing my airport outfit for a casual vintage shoot I did a couple of weeks back so might as well post the just slightly more flattering images of myself, as opposed to sweaty, rushed airport snaps as I struggled to carry my insanely over-packed suitcase - pretty sure I could have survived for at least a month! Never the less I had to be prepared to every occasion; you never know, there's a definate possibility of a date with a sexy Spanish waiter!! (I'm still waiting for this particular occasion though) - for self esteem reasons I'm blaming my lack of a summer fling on the fact that my accommodation was in the gay capital of Espana; Sitges 

These pictures were captured my friend, the talented photographer Sharon: check out her page

Obviously I didn't change half way through check in at London Luton, but I just included this last couple because I'm so in love with this beautiful 60's dress! Le ballet blanc anyone? I totally ruined my pointe shoes though as it only stopped raining 10minutes before we started shooting!

Bon voyage!

Claire xoxo

P.S: heels may seem like a good idea in theory when flying but airport security think it's a possibility that we may be hiding something destructive in the heels! I had to take them off at security and definitely pissed off half the people in the queue as they had to wait for me to put my shoes on again- probably wasn't the most loved in the room at that point.