Thursday, 29 December 2011

Puppy Love

Remember the time when pleated skirts were for geeky school girls and corduroy was strictly for frumpy old men? This concept has been completely displaced by the new 'revive' era; re-worked vintage pieces for which the demand has shot up in the last few years!
Which was why when I spotted this burgundy corduroy pleated 'full circle skirt' amongst the American apparel vintage section I just couldn't say no! Part naughty school girl, part quirky act from le cirque, it was the perfect claret addition to my over flowing wardrobe (I can't face a clear out).
Part of my love for vintage stems from the fact that every piece has its own individual story with its previous owner, -a romantic notion yes, but one that still makes me happy!  So whilst fretting over the typical Girly dilemma 'I have nothing to wear' (despite a closet stuffed full of the damned things) I had to wonder, could the term 'vintage' extend to my mum's clothes from the 70s? And then I discovered this treasure.

My dad describes it as a blanket but I couldn't be deterred; I would be wearing the dogtooth blazer! It was my mum's that she picked up from a hidden away boutique in Paris so instead of wearing it as a tailored blazer (my stupidly petite proportions wouldn't allow this) I snipped out the shoulder pads (Gok Wan style) and ...voila! I had myself the perfect autumn coat.

Fedora, Chelsea boots, Dalmatian jumper, sequinned collar – Topshop, Blazer – Mum’s, Grey knee highs - Asos

My Cruella De Ville phase has still not finished ...the jumper is back! And just in time to wear for perusing the oh so fashionable Carnaby Street sales, where I picked up some Dalmatian slipper shoes!
I am slightly sad to know that the Starbucks Christmas cups will soon be over, this picture may be the last one of me holding vibrant red cardboard. On a more positive note, the return of a normal coffee cup will mark the New Year of 2012, a time for new resolutions, new fashions, and therefore (most importantly) new clothes! (I’m already eyeing up Topshop’s spring 2012 collections)

All photos courtesy of David Nyanzi, The Nyanzi Report

Look forward to velvet luxe, towering platforms and Aztec glitter . . .all in time for NYE!

Claira xo


  1. I adore this outfit! Amazing jumper! So adorable.


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  2. great write-up. it was lovely to meet you.

  3. love it. So want that dalmatian jumper.

  4. I love this outfit,I even hyped it on LB! haha. yes,you'll always get splendid treasures form mom's closet,but grand'ma closet will be more awesome! you should try it. happy new year! <3

  5. I´ve just seen your pics at The Nyanzi Report blog and your look is adorable!!
    xoxo & Nice to meet you!

  6. ah thank you! yes, I cannot wait to go to hers and raid it! thank you, you too! :)xo

  7. Oh I'm definitely digging the puppy sweater and yes, I also saw your pic on David's blog!

  8. Waiting for your update! hehe!
    Happy New Year!

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  10. The dogtooth blazer is absolutely perfection <3

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