Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Heart Of the City: Martinis and Mini Skirts

So as I meandered my way down the maze of alleys, streets and back roads that make up the intricate lattice behind Oxford street, I was shocked at just how woefully limited my knowledge of London really is! For me, (prior to this day) London consisted of the theatres, Covent Garden and Oxford/Regent Street....and maybe Brick Lane if I'm feeling adventurous!
The Rabbit warren labyrinth that is London really revealed itself to me; the smells of the £2.50-for-a-shot-of-espresso coffee wafting around at lunchtime, the hustle and bustle centred around the never ending stream of bars and pubs, and of course, the delicately tempting rustle of the numerous paper shopping bags from the numerous shops that make up the fashion Mecca that is London!
So as it was my last day of interning at USP content- the most diverse, innovative and current production company, I decided that it was time to find the true heart of London.

Red Leather Skirt – Jolly Brown, Vintage
Cream Blouse/ velvet blazer/ heels/earrings/sparkly bralet – Topshop
Necktie – the market, My first attempt at Customisation!
Nails - hyppereal by Topshop


Turns out that I found it.... But not when I expected!
I wound up more discovering the heart-of-Italy-in-London at around 2 in the afternoon! This delightfully authentic traditional Italian delicatessen and coffee bar just called to me from Charlotte Place! The owner had opened shop the week before and was already hosting a roaring trade! Drying Parma hams hung from the ceiling, the smell of home roasted Italian ‘espressi’ filled the air, and the owner himself was so dedicated to providing the top service that I felt simply compelled to order a latte! (it only cost £1.90!!)

The company dedicated itself to 'food roots' - sourcing the most traditionally Italian products from the ham farms of Parma, hence the name 'In Parma'.

In the evening I ended up in Sophie's steak house, Covent Garden with a raspberry martini, plate of calamari and a permanent grin as a result of the brilliant company I was in.

It was truly the heart of the city; by a 6foot long window, with friends after a rewarding and inspiring week of work.

The whole experience was topped off by the fact that it was the opening day of London Fashion week 2012... Swarms of ridiculously well dressed models, bloggers and just general fashionistas filled the streets of the West end and I could hear the sound of clicking stilettos from my office!

I am a self confessed TopshopAholic, but shockingly enough, although the Topshop 'dress up' range has been in existence for a number of seasons, this studded black velvet blazer is my first purchase from this collection. Pairing with my staple peter pan collared blouse and leopard hair heels, while playing it safe with ‘Le Smoking’ velvet jacket; I decided I could risk bringing out my newest thrift bargain: a red leather skirt!
Originally bought at a pencil skirt length, my customising fairy godmother, Anj, converted it into an A line mini for me!

What sartorial choices will you be making this season?

Love Claira xo


  1. First live the top with the skirt!

    Second I know what you mean about London. I used to live in Chelsea and my knowledge of London was super limited. But since I moved tobPrjmrose Hill and opted for walking and taking buses I am proud I say I know London so much better now! Will check out this place!

  2. yeah definitely! thank you for your lovely comment darling :) food is fairly pricey, coffee is suuuuper cheap though, gorgeous little place!

  3. Love this outfit! The shirt and leather skirt look perfect together and love the jacket! So pretty xx

  4. Great outfit honey! Loving that red leather skirt and how you have styled it look gorgeous and chic! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. love that red leather skirt. Just gorgeous.

  6. great skirt!

    love your blog, definitely going to be a new follower!

    from, helen at