Monday, 20 February 2012

Cartoon Strip: Part 1

After having finally discovered Instagram (preceding my new found love for twitter- yes I know it is shocking that I have only just joined the great tweet off) I think it's time that I nicely sum up the first 20 of my images. I apologise for the quality of some pictures, midnight in Covent Garden with an iPhone camera is not what I would call ideal photography lighting!

It has been a brilliant February for me, the highlight definitely being my week at USP Content in central London... which led to two inspirational shows: Midnight Tango and Spring Awakening. From lattes in a St Valentine's design on Ganton Street, to my first steak (Medium rare, of course) it has been a time of metallics, running in heels and most importantly, the start of my new personal target to blog regularly!

The only downside of Instagram being that an internet connection is, of course, essential, so my current telephone technology - the first Nokia ever invented, (yep, that's right... no internet, colour or camera...and not even Snake II!) slightly hinders my online documenting of life.

Oh well.... I'll just have to skank off the free WiFi in Starbucks!

Love, Claire xo


  1. Hi lovely,Beautiful combination of pictures sweetie!! Love this :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

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  4. Lovely selection!
    ... maybe we can follow each others, let me know if you want!
    Have a nice day...


  5. big follower of your amazing blog! wish i could dress like you! infact just gone and bought a pastel pink pleated dress like yours and a new bralet, so hopefully that will look nice but definetely not as nice as your little combo! Your very inspriring , keep blogging xxx

  6. love your blog! just gone and bought a pastel pink pleated dress, similar to yours! might even steal the whole look and wear it with a bralet! your looks are really inspiring, wish i had such a good taste in fashion x