Thursday, 14 June 2012

Exepressions of Exeter – Driving Chic

So once I have finally escaped from the terrors of exam halls, it’s straight from one type of work into another equally as strenuous one – the laborious (although equally exhilarating) search for THE perfect uni. (from the amount on university websites I have scoured, I think repetitive eye strain is definitely headed my way!)
You student years are renowned for being the best, brightest, fun filled years of your life so making the perfect uni choice is absolutely essential. Campus or no campus? North of South? The possibilities are endless. Yet no one seems to make you aware of just quite how hard it is the find the one university that just calls to you in every possible way...God only knows how hard the courses will be, let alone finding the course!
‘University Open days:’ what better occasion to shoot off around the country, on essentially what I see as being city breaks ...whilst all these mini holidays are under the cherished banner of ‘education.’ It doesn’t get more ideal than that.

Student life seems to be epitomised by downing dirty pints (as dictated of course by the King of Diamonds), burning baked beans instead of attempting to create ‘the healthy, nutritious meal’ as given by Mothers’ recipe and then attending your lectures...totally hungover, of course. But for some reason, all this valuable ‘education’ demands the blistering price of £9,000 per year! However, this blog post is not (intended) to become a political debate of the education system.

As you have probably seen from my enthusiastic tweeting and instagram photos of the stunning Cathedral ceiling and numerous cream teas, I have spent a couple of days in Exeter, looking around the amazing University there. The prospect of a 4.5 hour drive (as estimated by google maps- my saviour) down there was VERY daunting...but somehow we managed to make the journey in just 3 hours! This of course, had nothing to do with the fact that Mum made the speed cameras go into epileptic fits as we whizzed down the M4...apparently going 25mph over the speed limit is classed as absurd.

In my eyes, the concept of ‘airport chic’ should not only be applied to those travelling in first class on luxury chartered planes. Stylish travelling can be widened into ‘driving chic’ (try to ignore my Ford car when imagining this image.)
‘Driving Chic’ gave me the ideal opportunity to showcase my latest addition to the Spring (ahem, pastel) collection: a mint coloured (surprise!), light summer blazer from Nordic brand Monki – a brand which has taken the fashion world by storm with its simple shapes, fresh colours and quality designs.

 Mint blazer - Monki
Stripy top - WalG at Topshop
Levis, brogues and clock necklace - Vintage
Essie Candy Apple Mint Nail Varnish

As the Exeter Quay plays a large part in creating the charm that the idyllic city exudes, I thought I had better include at least something vaguely nautical, hence the stripes. Not wanting to appear too clean cut and minimalist, I paid homage to my London roots and added a quirky twist with American vintage brogues, complete with pony hair leopard print detailing and suede uppers! (I was fairly ecstatic upon finding these, I must admit). This choice for once had a slightly practical motivation behind it...a day of walking up and down the hilly 300 acre Streatham Campus would not have boded well for anything even slightly associated with a heel!

As we were in Devon, it would have been an unforgivable sin to pass up an opportunity to sample a true Devonshire cream tea...3 times! Fruit scones, plain scones, clotted cream and homemade blackcurrant jam; they satiated even the food side to us! A perfect authentic Italian boutique restaurant called ‘Marcello’s’ topped off the whole gastronomic experience by providing truly the best meal I have ever had...all whilst we were ensconced in the quintessentially British, bunting filled village of Topsham!

 Starter: Mozzarella, Breadcrumbs and garlic stuffed Mushrooms 10/10
 Mummy's Main: Veal Escallopini in Creamy Mushroom sauce 8.5/10
 My Main (excuse the face!): Linguine with Tiger Prawns, mushrooms, garlic and chilli cream sauce 9/10
 Dessert: Lemon Brulee Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis 11/10 - AMAZING

Women are constantly eating nuts, trying new seeds and shovelling forkfuls of dodgy coloured leaves down their throats in some crazy fad attempt to lose weight...but trying to convince our chocolate deprived minds that we are birds is neither realistic nor satisfying. Eating out and going shopping definitely top the list of my favourite past times (why do I always have such expensive taste?) – who says food and fashion can’t go hand in hand?

Just a few snaps of the City...

 If you have never been, get yourself down to Exeter..I'm already totally enamored with it!

Love Claira xo


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