Monday, 18 June 2012

The Silver Shoe

You know the shoe (platform, of course) fits when whilst wearing them, you feel well dress enough to rival Cinderella in her glass slippers! Obviously glass shoes are a fashion phenomenon not quite conquered yet by Louboutin...or any other shoe god for that matter!...Although internationally popular brand Zara have come quite close with their already sold out Perspex heeled sandals – they are definitely on the summer lust list  - a sure way to take my outfits to a whole new level! 

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However, despite Zara’s trend setting ways in the shoe department, Topshop remains my shopping Mecca. Despite this, Topshop Premium is not an area of Topshop I have yet ventured into, due to the eye wateringly high prices – my part time job as a waitress definitely does not permit me to enjoy the luxury of any premium/boutique ranges. However, it was a whole different story when the Silver Podium platforms I had been eyeing for 6 months suddenly dropped from £100 to £50! Guess who snapped them up?
My head to toe Topshop outfit mixes tie dyed bohemian inspired chiffon with a perennial moto jacket (stolen from my sister....what else are sisters for?), whilst keeping things casual with classic stripes.

My sister Kirsty is the other model in the shot, we are related yet it is shocking how differently we dress! She is allergic to any blouses in a material remotely resembling chiffon, preferring an urban, laid back style. Zingy jeans, Vans and it goes without saying; her leather jacket, all form part of her signature style.
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Photos courtesy of Vicky Hrun...still in the process of getting a blog!

Love Claira xo


  1. in love with your shoes!

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  2. i love this shoot claire! sister power haha :) both your leathrr jackets are amazing! those shoes are so cool! i love the summer sales at the moment :) and im also a waitress haha the tips are good tho :P xxxx

  3. Amazing blog - I follow You! I really hope that You like my blog too.
    xx San ❤