Monday, 2 July 2012


My natural instinct when in a shopping environment is to head for embellished chiffons, neon shades and just generally luxe fabrics. So for once I decided to strip back to the bare bones of a dress and so opted for this simple, monochromatic dress from (my all time favourite) Urban Outfitters (the fact that it was a mere 35% of the original price was a bonus) with the only seasonal hints being the stepped hemline and subtle floral print.
When it comes to these warmer months (well, they are supposed to be warmer in theory!) I love simple, clean cuts that allow my skin maximum absorbance of Vitamin D! The back of this dress definitely minimises uneven tanning along my shoulders...well on my way to becoming a ‘bronzed goddess.’


 As it happens, my Hamsa Hand necklace was a lovely spontaneous gift from Harriet! The best presents are definitely surprise ones.

Dress and small necklace – Urban Outfitters
Gladiator Necklace – Primark
Shoes – Topshop

A simple dress calls for some accessorizing....hence the gladiator style necklace and of course my favourite silver shoes (see their d├ębut here). My latest yoga phase has inspired a newly found love for the Indian Hamsa hand I now religiously wear this little silver Hamsa pendant; its low key gunmetal grey leaning slightly towards a minimalist approach...But all in keeping with my simple sun dress!

As I’m sure you see if you follow on twitter/instagram, Miss Harriet Alderson is probably the main person I tweet and one of my best friends! As she has recently purchased a stunning new camera (He is called Bertie) it simply called for a photo opportunity, so all these photos and I’m sure those in posts to come are her photography. Check out her photos here or her fashion/food blog (I’m no longer sure which?) here!

Enjoy our brief moments of sun... although it will not be too long until play is called off for Wimbledon due to this country’s schizophrenic weather!

Love Claira xo 


  1. Love the dress and the two combo necklaces. The bronze inverted arc makes a lovely feature of the Hamsa pendant, framing it beautifully. Them shoes look fabulous with this outfit. You rock it all. Lovely photos

  2. Love your necklace,you look amazing!

  3. Hey love,

    amazing heels. Adore your look. Glagly starting to following you. If you'll decide to follow me back I will be more than happy.


  4. I know I comment on almost every post but these pictures are aamzing claire! I lovve your outfit, you look so stunning and the necklaces are lovely! I love it when friends surprise you with cute gifts! xxxx

  5. Awesome outfit, I love your shoes. All the silver accsesories went really well with the dress. xx

  6. lovely shoes! <3 I hate You :)!

    x GIGAAA x