Monday, 12 May 2014

Beauty blogger? Essentials du jour

The title of this post is perhaps a little misleading. I'm a fashion person, always have been. Which essentially means I'm totally NOT a beauty person. I think women fall into one of two categories; you either care about your body (ie: clothing) or your face. You simply can't have a foot in both camps, the end result would be an impeccably dressed beautiful too-perfect woman who isn't human. Flaws are attractive. With the exception of the beautiful people who have spent hours in hair and make up, are adorned in thousands of pounds worth of designer garments and then topped off with a healthy dose of Vogue airbrushing, being both fashion and make up savvy would be too much, an exaggerated double whammy if you like.

But there is still a level of daily self-presentation that one must observe so I thought I would share with you my beauty essentials. I lean towards a more bare faced natural look with my make up-- whilst young I think it is important to enhance rather than cover or conceal your own genetics. This attitude towards make up is probably imbued with my Mum's views on cosmetics (or as she refers to them 'pots and potions') having only worn mascara and blusher in her life and still looking beautiful! 

Origins facial cleanser 
Infused with gentle white tea extract, this cleanser lathers up nicely with a splash of warm water leaving my skin feeling silky smooth. There is no tightness or residue left on my skin and it's gentle enough for daily use but effective enough to cleanse any foundation from a night out.

Tropics moisturiser
Having been introduced to Tropics the love child of Sir Alan Sugar and his apprentice) by my friend Anj, I'm now a convert to this moisturiser. Zingy, light and silky it absorbs instantly and makes my face feel baby soft! It transitions nicely between the seasons so I can save on buying separate winter and summer moisturisers!

Cocoa butter lip balmThis stays at my side more than my phone, iPod or any other essential gadget. I'm addicted to the white chocolatey scent and have stashes of them kept at home if (God forbid) I ever lose one! 

Bo-ing Benefit concealer
Being a uni student, inevitably sleep is pretty low on my list of priorities... When your friends bang on your window having pre-bought you a ticket for the latest event, getting 8 hours of shut eye is the last thing on your mind! This is the one thing I could not and would not step out the house without wearing. Blind panic occurs if I  mistakenly leave it at someone's house! It is expensive but lasts me easily a year.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
How to look tanned without using fake tan, sun beds or a holiday? Benefit's Matt bronzer is the one. Use as bronzer - it's great for contouring and adding a sweep of colour, minimal usage provides just the right golden glow for a healthy slightly sun kissed appearance.

Clinique Eyeshadow 'Chocolate'
Many a time have I been asked what country one of my parents are from, with guesses extending from Mongolia to Thailand- just to clarify, I'm almost 100% British, I just have very small eyes! So to counteract this, I use a dab of all these eyeshadows daily just to make my eyes stand out a little. Starting with cream in the middle, blending out into the bronze then finishing with the chocolate shadow, it gives a gently smoky eye suitable for the daytime.

Mascara 'They're Real by Benefit'
Due to the aforementioned size of my eyes, I have problems finding a non-smudge mascara. Walking around at 4pm looking like you've been sobbing in hysterics all day isn't the best of looks so after much trialling and testing, I've decided to go with the UK best selling mascara: namely Benefit's 'they're real.' Use this after curling your eyelashes and guaranteed even the most camel- like of eyelashes will get a boost! 

For nights out:
Leeds is a city where everyone makes an effort with their personal appearance- therefore in order not to look like a tramp on a night out, I try to glam up slightly with these additions.

Teint Miracle LancĂ´me
Very light, luminous and easy to blend, I find this to be halfway between foundation and tinted moisturiser. It warms my skin up slightly and there is none of that shiny skin situation mid way into a night! Admittedly, I splashed out with this one but it think you can't scrimp on foundation or you'll just end up with three times the amount of blemishes you had before! Just remember to take it off before bed.

Still, I think beauty is always a difficult one. It's so subjective and dependent on the individual that despite the beauty 'trends' I believe people should just stick with what works best for them. For example- If I were to try this season's maximal electric blue eyeshadow minus any mascara or blusher look as seen at Marc Jacobs this season, I would look like an anaemic wannabe mermaid at the wrong fancy dress party.
So I think I'm going to steer well clear of any beauty trends for SS'14!

Claire x

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