Sunday, 11 May 2014

Prancing in Paisley

I seem to go through phases where I obsess over a certain style each season. Anyone who knows me is well aware that my current obsession is with kimonos. Perhaps it is the exotic aesthetic they imbue into an outfit- wearing one evokes a Carrie Bradshaw/Sex-and-The-City-2 moment...if only I could accessorize with a camel ride through the desert.

When I came across Topshop's unique collaboration with the charity The Key to Freedom, I fell in love with the vivid hand printed designs, to such an extent where I ended up writing an article about the collection for Leeds Student Paper (read it here). It so happened that the release of this collection fell around a similar time to my birthday...

I am now the happy owner of the Key to Freedom kimono (thanks to my amazing friends), which I wear religiously. Turquoise, paisley and silk, the kimono ticks all the boxes as well as being the perfect cover up over a little dress during Spring. It’s safe to say the kimono steals the limelight, therefore I wore it over my fail safe party dress; a skimpy black ballet dress which forms the basis of many an outfit in my wardrobe. I love wearing silk because of the sheer opulence of the fabric, it just makes you feel fabulous – there is no other way to describe it! It goes without saying that this posts marks the start of my kimono collection – they are versatile, comfortable and oh-so on trend, making buying one a very good investment.

Never a fan of minimalism, I decided to go all out with the peacock-esque design, adding my favourite little clutch that I found hiding at the back of a shelf in a Zara sale a few years ago. Please excuse my lack of shoes- a recent ankle injury means I’m struggling to fit into footwear at the moment...all the time I’m painfully aware of how un-chic a swollen right ankle looks!

Kimono – Topshop x My Key to Freedom
Dress – Topshop
Belt – Vintage
Bag - Zara

Claire x

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